Friday, 14 March 2014

M777’s Fantasy Frolick On The Beach

A quick look out the window every morning these past few weeks may just deceive you into thinking you’re living the good life up in misty hills but the reality is that Malaysia is suffering (and slowly suffocating) from a bad haze. API readings are in the unhealthy ranges and this means that whatever activities you might have had planned for a fun weekend are bound to go down the drain. Think you’re doomed to stare at the inner confines of your room’s four walls? WRONG. 

You can still squeeze in a little summer fun at the beach on M777 without risk of actual exposure to harmful UV rays when you pop by the Classic Slots section of our STAR SUITE to play SUMMER BEACH!

Featuring bright and cheery summer elements that we all love to see at the beach, each spin you take will surely bring a wide grin to your face. So why not? A little indulgent fun never hurt anybody. So spin away and WIN, WIN, WIN on our online live casino that's open 24/7 for your pure enjoyment!

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