Tuesday, 25 March 2014

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Insomnia and restlessness may be your worst enemy but fret not, because M777 is here to be your new best friend. Boasting an enviable amount of online games that are neatly categorized in these sections – Sportsbook, Live Casino and Games – you will never have to worry about the threat of boredom anymore. 

Days and/or nights spent by yourself can still be exciting and all the fun you’ll ever need is on M777, just a click away!

SPORTSBOOK is for the ultimate sports enthusiast and know-it-all with that killer instinct and sixth sense. If your life revolves around sports and exciting game matches, why not indulge in some sports betting to capitalize on your skills and talent? If you have a knack for match predictions, you will certainly feel at home here!

LIVE CASINO is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can check in anytime from anywhere and you won’t be subject to any fussy or troublesome dress codes! Experience the best in live online Malaysian casinos today, with 250 live dealers serving you as you set the table ablaze with your winning streak! Think you’ve got what it takes? Grab a seat at the game table now and prove Lady Luck is on your side!

GAMES are great for the relaxation of the mind and soul. Choose from the many available games in any of the 3 available suites (Crowne Suite, Dragon Suite or Star Suite) and while away the boring hours, even as you make your dreams come true with REAL CASH WINS! You’ll be spoilt for choice as you browse the many card games, slot games and arcade games we have in store for you!


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