Wednesday, 24 August 2016

M777 Merdeka Special - 7 Day Bonus for Loyal Members

August is the Merdeka month for all Malaysian, let's celebrate this Merdeka with M777's 7 Day Bonus for Loyal Members! (29th August 2016 - 4th September 2016)

Merdeka Special 7 Day Bonus

The Merdeka Special 7 Day Bonus is an unique reward system for our local members - which is members will earn the amount of BONUS based on their ATTENDANCE during the 7 (SEVEN) promotion days, start from 29th August to 4th September 2016.

How to collect your daily attendance?
  1. Make a minimum Deposit of MYR100 (per day)
  2. Achieved 5 (FIVE) times rollover (per day)
  3. Hooray! You collected an Attendance
  4. Repeat from Step 1 to Step 3 to collect your attendance for the next / following days
Attendance Bonus

The bonus will be given to members based on their total attendance as below:
  • Day 1 - MYR9
  • Day 2 - MYR19
  • Day 3 - MYR39
  • Day 4 - MYR69
  • Day 5 - MYR109
  • Day 6 - MYR149
  • Day 7 - MYR199
The MORE ATTENDANCE you collect, the MORE BONUS you will get!

In addition, loyal members who collected ALL 7 (SEVEN) days of attendance will earn an EXTRA REWARD!

Attendance bonus for 7 consecutive days = MYR199 + MYR100 (Full Attendance Reward)

For more information: M777 Merdeka Special 7 Day Bonus

*You are advised to contact our Live Chat service after the promotion ends on 4 September to claim the bonus.

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