Wednesday, 28 September 2016

M777 October Fiesta: The Power of 10

The Power of 10

Win MYR100 Cash Prize
From 1st - 30th October 2016

Event Period:
  1. 1st - 10th October (Phase 1)
  2. 11th - 20th October (Phase 2)
  3. 21st - 30th October (Phase 3)
Cash Prizes:

MYR100 x 10 winners for each phase

How to Participate?
  1. Minimum deposit of MYR50
  2. The winner will be determined by the top 10 highest depositor based on their total amount of deposit for each phase (1, 2 & 3).
  3. The MORE you DEPOSIT, the HIGHER the CHANCES you WIN!
Event Details:
  1. This promotion is divided into 3 (THREE) event period – Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.
  2. Each event period is 10 days long and there will be 10 winners for each phase.
  3. Top 10 Highest depositor win MYR100 each.
  4. The cash prize reward must be rolled 3 times prior to making a withdrawal.
  5. Prizes must be claimed within 72 hours from LiveChat, starting from the date winners receive the notification and date of the announcement.

For more information: M777 October Fiesta

Thursday, 8 September 2016

M777 Malaysia Day 1+1 Event

12 September - 16 September 2016

Celebrate this Malaysia Day with M777 Malaysia Day 1+1 Event. During this promotion period, players will earn extra bonus on top of the original promotion's bonus.

What is 1+1 Event?

The 1+1 mean an original promotion plus an extra reward. Thus, players will receive MORE bonus and HIGHER reward during this event.

What promotions are eligible for?

3 (THREE) existing promotions are entitled to get involved in the 1+1 Event. They are:
  1. 20% First Daily Deposit
  2. 7% No Limit Reload Bonus
  3. Fortune Friday Lucky Draw
Details of the 1+1 Event
  1. 20% First Daily Deposit + 5% Extra Bonus = 25% Bonus (for first deposit)
  2. 7% No Limit Reload Bonus + 3% Extra Bonus = 10% Bonus (for second deposit)
  3. Fortune Friday Lucky Draw, 7 Winners + 7 Extra Winners = 14 Lucky Draw Winners

For more information: M777 Malaysia Day 1+1 Event

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

M777 Merdeka Special - 7 Day Bonus for Loyal Members

August is the Merdeka month for all Malaysian, let's celebrate this Merdeka with M777's 7 Day Bonus for Loyal Members! (29th August 2016 - 4th September 2016)

Merdeka Special 7 Day Bonus

The Merdeka Special 7 Day Bonus is an unique reward system for our local members - which is members will earn the amount of BONUS based on their ATTENDANCE during the 7 (SEVEN) promotion days, start from 29th August to 4th September 2016.

How to collect your daily attendance?
  1. Make a minimum Deposit of MYR100 (per day)
  2. Achieved 5 (FIVE) times rollover (per day)
  3. Hooray! You collected an Attendance
  4. Repeat from Step 1 to Step 3 to collect your attendance for the next / following days
Attendance Bonus

The bonus will be given to members based on their total attendance as below:
  • Day 1 - MYR9
  • Day 2 - MYR19
  • Day 3 - MYR39
  • Day 4 - MYR69
  • Day 5 - MYR109
  • Day 6 - MYR149
  • Day 7 - MYR199
The MORE ATTENDANCE you collect, the MORE BONUS you will get!

In addition, loyal members who collected ALL 7 (SEVEN) days of attendance will earn an EXTRA REWARD!

Attendance bonus for 7 consecutive days = MYR199 + MYR100 (Full Attendance Reward)

For more information: M777 Merdeka Special 7 Day Bonus

*You are advised to contact our Live Chat service after the promotion ends on 4 September to claim the bonus.

Friday, 13 May 2016

M777 Fortune Friday Lucky Draw May Week 2 Update

M777 Fortune Friday Lucky Draw Result

May Week 2 Winners win - RM70


Congratulations! Please claim your cash prize at Live Chat!

Please claim your bonus at Live Chat here

If you are a new player and you want to know more about Fortune Friday Lucky Draw, please take a look on the photo below.

Friday, 6 May 2016

M777 Fortune Friday Lucky Draw May Week 1 Update

Hello everyone, welcome back to M777Casino Blog.

We are back here to give you updates on the latest promotions, tournaments and lucky draw contest.

We love to congratulate all winners of the M777 Fortune Friday Lucky Draw.

The May Week 1 Winners are the following:


The above winners have just won themselves RM70.

Please claim your bonus at Live Chat here

If you are a new player and you want to know more about Fortune Friday Lucky Draw, please take a look on the photo below.

Once again congratulations to the winners of the Fortune Friday Lucky Draw Winners.

What Games can you play at M777Online Casino
  1. Sports
  2. Live Casino
  3. Slots & Games (NEW)  
  4. Poker (NEW) 
  5. 4D

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

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